New Tesla Access App Facilitates Peer-to-Peer Sharing

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In June 30, 2020
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In a recent redesign of the Tesla account page, Tesla owners are now able to share their vehicles with up to five other drivers.

Sharing starts by entering a name and email into the app’s updated Car Access feature. Users can locate and unlock the car through the app. Sharing with other Tesla owners allows their profiles to appear in the shared vehicle.

If the new user doesn’t have a Tesla account, the system will create one. Previous functionality only allowed sharing under the same Tesla account.

The new app facilitates peer-to-peer rental services by making it easy to remove and add drivers. Access can be granted without sharing Tesla credentials.

The system update expands Tesla’s carsharing and ride-sharing capability with a window into the functionality of an autonomous carsharing service. On one of Tesla’s recent earnings calls, Elon Musk mentioned launching a Tesla carsharing marketplace that would take advantage of this functionality.

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