Wunder Mobility Launches Wunder Vehicles Fleet Sharing Platform

Wunder Mobility Launches Wunder Vehicles Fleet Sharing Platform

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In June 29, 2020
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Wunder Mobility, a global mobility technology company, has launched its Wunder Vehicles product alongside an exclusive business-to-business partnership with Yadea, the world’s largest manufacturer of light electric vehicles based in China.

The launch of Wunder Vehicles marks Wunder Mobility’s official expansion into the vehicles market and the transition from a pure software company to a mobility company. Yadea manufacturers e-bikes and e-scooters.

The Wunder Vehicles product is designed to provide the tools to launch a turnkey fleet-sharing company, without having to interface with multiple companies and organizations to launch their businesses, the company said in a statement.

Wunder Vehicles includes electric vehicles implemented with IoT devices, Wunder Mobility software, consulting services, data and reporting, and financing options. According to the statement, the Wunder Vehicles team handles negotiations with manufacturers, logistics, storage, and financing options.

By partnering with Yadea, Wunder Mobility has direct access to sourcing vehicles for its clients.

“Many entrepreneurs dream of starting a fleet-sharing company only to realize how much of a hassle it is to ship vehicles to their markets and how difficult getting financing in place can be without having existing knowledge of this process,” said Tobias Langwieler, head of Wunder Vehicles at Wunder Mobility.

“These difficulties are exacerbated during the current COVID-19 pandemic, and potential founders require guidance and support to reach their goals now more than ever. Wunder Vehicles will allow our customers to launch mobility services with Wunder Mobility software and Yadea vehicles, as well as other hardware partners, all through the white glove customer experience Wunder Mobility is known for.”

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